March 31, 2008

The Why of Boring Movies

Do movie makers ever watch their produce before throwing the dice in front of unsuspecting audience?

I got this thought after reading/hearing reviews of the latest headbuster One, Two, Three. Rajeev Masand told me (well, actually he told everyone on his TV show) that he would not see the movie even if the producer pays him to do so. Check out another rant at Pri's place.

That brings me to thought above? Don't these moviemakers ever watch what they have made? Do they have previews to see if what has turned up is worth watching? Or if the money spent on the stars would be recovered? I just do not get it at all. Forget making a movie, I do check each of my blog posts before posting if its come up right and even after its been posted, I do the same. Now it does not cost me megabucks to put up a blog post, but it does for those bozo moviemakers. Plus its their reputation at stake. Its okay if there is a message to convey to the public much like the Doordarshan documentries. Or if only some people do not like a movie much (my father was not that enamoured by Chak De..) then its ok. But when every person you meet asks you to avoid a movie like plague, then there is something clinically wrong in the movie and the moviemaker.

Mangal Pandey was a super flop commercially, but it did win a lot of acclaim for the story, performances, etc. Paheli was probably the most boring movie I ever saw (I have stayed away from 123 as yet!), but it did win a lot of acclaim for the story and potrayal which even I appreciated. I hated Hey Baby even though much of the audience lapped it up. But what about such movies as 123, which no one wants to see?

Forget the actors and the director, why can't the producer take the director to task for making a complete hash of precious moolah? I'd rather save those crores in a Fixed Deposit and get 8.5 % interest. I bet even the dwindling share bazaar would not have made enuf mincemeat of the money as such a movie did.

Maybe our producers need a lesson or two in sensible investments.


  1. LOL.....

    Every year 100's of movies are released but we remeber,,, just 2-3.... very less in %....

    thats what called business is...
    If a film like OSO cud be hit....

    directors...try there luck and fate for every other crap....

    who knows..its super duper hit!!!:-))

  2. India's audience is crazy. That's why the producers and directors have no idea what's going to work!

  3. LOL I agree..some movies make me wonder if the prodcuers were on drugs when they made them.

    And ty for dropping by my blog!


  4. Chaks.. there are many movies which do not click.. but atleast might be watchable for some people. OSO was one such movie which was a big hit with the rural crowd as well as the Gandhi class. May not have appealed to multiplex crowd though. TZP was a flop in the rural areas, it went above their heads.

    But there are some movies like u said, Marigold, which I guess do not appeal to anyone. Except maybe die hard Salman fans.

    But my contention is that why dont directors see the movie themselves and before showing it to others? Are they so besotted by their own creation that they forget its meant for others to see too?

  5. Solitaire.. yes, India's audience is very crazy. But when a director makes a movie, he should atleast make it viewable for some section of the viewers at least. I mean, not everyone should run out puking!

  6. Keshi.. Welcome to this place.
    U said it right.. either they were on drugs or they were hypnotised!

    And as I said, I found ur place quite interesting :)

  7. :-)))

    I agree to all that u said...but do you think...even if dire watch their own movie and find the flwas...there are many other constraints which stop them from making a quality and good one....
    money, actors, actress, location and wt not....

  8. Chaks.. they have to do something about it.. its better to spend some more and make a product which can ensure better returns, wat say?

  9. They have to...but everything is not possible dear...u have to look at teh constrits as well...

    Just look at the movie 123... it got flopped..reason...if instead of sunil shetty , akshay had played that role it cud go fr an hit...instead tusshar if ritesh would have could have chaged...

  10. Chaks.. I'm firm believer in the fact that actors do not make a movie good or bad. Its the story. Actors can make a good movie great or can atmost make it have a grand opening. Nothing more. A good movie with no stars can be more entertaining than a bad movie with all stars. Compare Bheja Fry and OSO.

  11. Yup...and on comparing wht u get??
    OSO was a big matter with a bakwaas story.... so was bheja fry.....but it had story and actors as well.....

  12. hehe....

    the prob is dat ppl lyk u n me r not their financial advisor naa..thats y they land up misusing their money...

    or may be its not their hard-earned money so they r least bothered..

    but abt them watching their movies ..i doubt ...u c they r busy attending those non-sensical page 3


  13. Chaks.. ok ok.. wat i meant was even with supposedly better actors, OSO wasnt half the movie that Bheja fry was.. it might have got more money thats a diff ques.. thats srk charm and publicity. but u know what a comitted film maker can do with very less money is seen in bheja fry.

  14. Kaua.. good 2 see u here again. :)

    Yes.. they r too busy wasting money on parties.. but again do they have the face to show in those parties if their films get pulled down in the first week itself.. sad state of affairs!

  15. put it right on !

    I liked Paheli and Mangal Pandey too..inspite of the fact that they dint make it to the chart buster list.

    I wonder the same at times. Do they watch their own movies ? Maybe they do, but even if they dont like the end result, they have no choice other than putting it on the audiences platter.

    Maybe they should make demos first, then go for the whole !!!

  16. Hmmm...agreed....
    but my point is it was snt just commitment which counts....

  17. yea y not...they do all the wrong things but yet appear at parties ,....infact jitne woh bure utne hi zyaade fotos pprs mein !! Publicity u c !!

  18. Cinderalla.. LoL on the demo things! Yes, hopefully in future, they do better.

  19. Chaks.. Point taken. And appreciated as well.

  20. Kaua.. haan ji.. publicity ke peeche deewane hain woh log! Do minut news mein aane ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain!

  21. vrijj jee...chai ilachi wlai chaiye ab:-)))
    garmi aa gayi hain na;-))

  22. Chaks.. sure.. when u coming over?

  23. u know ur a smart guy! :-/
    what smarter than ranting about a bakwas movie without watching it?? *bangs her head against the wall*

  24. Oh, this is something that i have pondered abt for long... keep thinking that maybe the directors are under drugs or just wacko to make some of those truly unbearable movies..

    i saw 27dresses couple of days back.. got no clues why the movie was made.. wat the director was tying to tell or rather WHY SHE Even made the movie in the 1st place.. not even time pass.. grrrr..

    but then, ya, as u said some movies work in some places, guesss it all depends on audience's mentality n willingness to accept off beat movies(TZP for example)...

  25. Pri.. I'm not just talking this one movie. Its about the genre.

    Aarti.. Yep, thats the Q. And thanx for letting me know that I shudnt watch 27D